Are your relationships in the dumps? Is your bank account in the red? Do you feel like life is a gigantic merry go round of personal failures? Are you ready to discover and maximize your potential for experiencing great relationships and a successful life? If so, then it’s time for you to Just Get Over Yourself! (Think Right – Live Great) and uncover the real issues behind your problems. Your breakthrough can start today!

In her no-nonsense style, family counselor, speaker and Life Transformation Coach Anita McCann delivers a book that is brimming with biblical principles on how to turn your life around, one behaviour at a time. You can begin to change the direction of your life TODAY!

In a culture enamoured by a preoccupation with the Self, Just Get Over Yourself stands out as a beacon pointing the way to God’s solutions to problems that keep us from living freely. Borne out of personal experience and extensive counseling practice Just Get Over Yourself is a testimony to God’s transforming power in the life of anyone who is willing to get with His program. It truly is a change revolution for those who are done being stuck.